A communication scientist specialized in audiovisual language. I create projects with highly cohesive teams that achieve incredible results, creating unique discourses, that give identity to our brand, and life to our projects. I have complemented my training as a communicator with art studies, and object-oriented programming. My orientation is to a LEAN organization, compliance with business goals and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers.

elieve that companies should seek perfection as a goal. For this, we must constantly improve workflows, creating new ways of communicating, new languages and new ways of thinking about our projects.
First of all I am a self-taught person; I started with Adobe Photoshop 2.0 on a Quadra 405 due to family inheritance, I trained in linguistics at the University of Chile, then in Communication with orientation in advertising at the University of Buenos Aires, at the University of the Arts (IUNA) I learned to program for the scene, and in Brazil I specialized in audiovisual streaming.
Today in Santiago de Chile I am studying Lean philosophy and agility for our developm